Join the Fraternity of Sanctus Fidelis!

Men, the Church needs you!

Brothers, we need your strength, your pragmatism, and your serious minds! There is a crisis of masculinity within the church and the wider culture. The understanding of what a man is has been falsely reduced to one of two possibilities: either he is a tyrant or he is a fool. The idea that men can only be either one of these two options could not be further from the truth! This is not what God has called us for!

Authentic Catholic masculinity looks like St. Boniface cutting down the Pagan Oak with one great blow and using the lumber to build a church, like St. Peter and St. Paul being beaten within an inch of their lives and thrown in prison for preaching Christ and still coming back swinging, and St. Pope John Paul II standing up to communism and winning! The call to be a heroic man of God is one that is put to all men regardless of background or age. We are all called to live up to the demands of the royal priesthood, to announce the coming of the Lord as Prophets, and to rule our lives and our homes as benevolent kings modeled after Christ, the only true King.


When you join the Fraternity of Sanctus Fidelis you are becoming a member of a unique group of like-minded Catholic men with the shared purpose of transforming the world and ourselves by radically living the Faith of Jesus Christ. By joining the fraternity you will gain access to resources and connections that will aid you in your mission. With discussion boards, community events, and downloadable PDF guides, the Sanctus Fidelis Fraternity Forum is a stronghold of Catholic culture online. This is a rally point for us to strengthen our faith in Christ, plan our outreach efforts, and build lasting friendships with the common aim of sanctity!

Our fight is with the Devil himself with Christ as our commander. Together with our guardian angels we pledge to storm the gates of Hell and put the ban on sin. Leave no depravity standing in your hearts and the grace of Christ will flow through you, transforming the whole world.

If you love the Catholic Church and are ready to take up arms in the Spiritual Combat for her sake, the Fraternity of Sanctus Fidelis is waiting for you! 

Members receive numerous benefits such as free access to the Sanctus Rosary Booklet in English & Latin as well as a free Sanctus Fraternity Lapel Pin! You will also get 15% off all future orders from the Sanctus Shop with a unique member’s discount code!