My name is Douglas Cummins and I am the Founder and Owner of Sanctus Co. Becoming a Husband and Father has impacted my life profoundly, and being the head of my household pushed me to really think about my personal relationship with Christ and His calling for me as I bugun my Vocation. Questions I often asked myself were, What kind of Catholic do I want to be? What kind of husband do I want to be? What kind of Man do I want my sons to witness, and what can I do for my Catholic Community?

It was one afternoon when I was sitting in my Cabin in the Mountains when I came across the online videos of Father Chad Ripperger, and Bishop Robert Barron. These two Catholic Evangelists influenced me to do something for the good of men in the Church. This was an impacting moment for me because I realized the severity of the spiritual battle at hand that we face. Not only was it important for me to Lead, Guide, and Protect my family and vocation physically, and mentally, but most importantly, spiritually. 

As men in the world today face challenges and obstacles against them and their masculinity, I wanted to help bring back our focus and reaffirm the place of Husbands, Fathers, and Sons within the Church.

The Sanctus brand is intended to be wearable, strong, and deeply Catholic with an emphasis on Spiritual Warfare. We put our hands up and allow demons to roam our lives if we close our eyes to reality and the fact that spiritual warfare does indeed exist. When you support Sanctus Co, you not only make your place known as a soldier of Christ's Church, but you become part of our mission to form and lead men in the faith, and give them the tools to achieve our primary goal of reaching Heaven as brothers, with all of those we can. 

A portion of proceeds go to supporting the Doloran Fathers, a newly founded order of Priests specializing in Exorcism.

I thank you for your support! Keep the Faith!

One In Christ Forever,

Douglas Cummins